How To Cut a Curly Shag

(how-to: curly shag)

Clients and celebrities alike are embracing their natural hair now more than ever. The current popularity of the curly shag haircut can be attributed to its effortlessly natural and textured style seen on the likes of Sandra Oh, Natasha Lyonne and Maisie Williams. In this how-to video, Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) talks us through the steps of creating the edgy look.

  1. Section the hair a little below the parietal ridge all the way around to the crown, and then straight down the sides about an inch behind the ears.
  2. Spray the hair with water. Make sure to keep the hair evenly saturated during the haircutting process.
  3. From the crown all the way down to the bottom hairline, take a back section, comb the hair up, and create concave layering by lifting up your elbow and turning your fingers in. Keep the length.
  4. Grab some of the first layering cut and add to the next section to use as a guide. Keep repeating, moving your way around the head. Don’t cut the side sections yet.
  5. For the side sections, use layered point cutting. Pull the sections of hair forward, in the direction the client is looking, keeping the section parallel with the forehead. Use a diagonal part, and continue to the back until it blends into the back section.
  6. On the other side, cut the very front piece of hair as a marker to make sure both sides are even. Repeat the angled cut on this side.
  7. With the top section, part directly down the center. Bring a section of the hair forward and point- cut a bang, following the shape of the head. Cut to about the nose, because the curls will shorten the bangs. Use a wide tooth comb to create less tension. Take the section behind, take out the parietal, and cut the same length bang. Work all the way to the crown and then repeat on the other side.
  8. Work a light hold curl crème into the hair, brushing it out to make sure there’s even coverage. Gently scrunch with a damp towel. These techniques will help prevent frizzing.
  9. Dry with a diffuser. Tease-cut the hair around the crown to create a less weighted, more rounded look.