How-To: Head Wraps by Guido

Redken Global Creative Director Guido used head wraps to create a dramatic and uniform silhouette at Kanye West’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.

“The purpose of this collection with Kanye West was to create a uniform, minimal look; not just with the beauty but also with the models and the staging. The models were all African American with different hairtypes and varying textures and looks. Kanye and I discussed embracing each models’ natural hair for the look but in the end, the head wraps gave each head shape a dramatic silhouette and eliminated the hair completely, giving the clothing a very linear feeling. The show was held at Madison Square Garden and in such a big space, it’s important that the models off-set and simplify the environment. To remove texture from the hair before applying the hair wraps, I dried the hair straight and flattened it to the head by wrapping sections around the head. I worked in Redken glow dry oil to further smooth the hair.” Guido


1. Start with dry hair and apply 4-5 pumps of Redken glow dry style enhancing blow-dry oil throughout to smooth hair, add shine and eliminate frizz.

2. Divide hair into sections. Using a blow dryer, directionally blow dry hair toward the back of the head to create a flattened texture. Once dry, straighten the hair using a 1-inch flat iron to further smoothen.

3. Apply another 4-5 pumps of Redken glow dry style enhancing blow-dry oil to palms of the hand. Work the oil into the hair as you wrap hair around the head. Secure with pins, ensuring hair lays flat against the head.

4. Beginning at the hairline, apply a hair wrap to the head, fully covering the ears. Apply a second hair wrap overtop the first to tighten the look and eliminate texture and volume.

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