How to Master the Crochet Braid

(how to crochet braid)

Gone are the days of simple French braids. From fishtails to five-strand, the braid game is constantly evolving, and Amika’s Global Creative Director Naeemah LaFond is at the forefront of the latest trends. Here, watch as LaFond walks us through a step-by-step for the current braid du jour: the crochet braid.



  1. Prep the hair using amika Blockade Heat Defense Serum before heat styling.
  2. Create loose waves in the front using the amika Chamelon Curling Iron with the 19mm attachment.


  1. Prep hair using amika Supernova Blonde Violet Moisture and Shine Cream for slip.
  2. Starting on the side without the wave, take a one-inch vertical section and hold it with your left hand. With your right hand, place two fingers behind it, rotate and pull through.
  3. Next, add hair to the previous section and pull through while holding onto the end. Repeat around the head, keeping the braid close to the nape.

PRO TIP: Weave bobby pins into the braid for a secure hold.