How-To: Men's Comb Over Cut

Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) member Juan “Jay” Ramos gets on board the Mobile Grooming Tour for Barbershop: The Next Cut to promote the opening of the movie last month.

“One of the things I noticed during the 6-City Mobile Grooming Tour was a mix of all types of hair and haircuts. The diversity of looks was something pretty important, and being a part of the Tour on behalf of Wahl Professional was an experience of a lifetime.”

In Miami, I was inspired to do a cut that was a clean, modern look.

A Clean, Modern Comb Over Cut

Step by Step:

1. Make sure the hair is clean and free of any hair product, it is important to work with clean hair to ensure a proper and detailed haircut.

2. Using a #3 attachment comb and WAHL’s cordless Magic Clip cut the sides and back of the hair to the parietal ridge area of the head. Creating your first line of demarcation.

3. Follow with a #2 attachment comb and repeat step 2 cutting to just below your line of demarcation.

4. Use a #1 attachment comb again repeat step 2 cutting to just below your #2 attachment comb pattern.

5. With an open blade, fade the bottom of the hairline creating a low fade, adjusting the blend with your taper lever until a seamless transition is achieved.

6. Lightly wet the hair on the top part of the head and using your clipper with a closed blade (Jay used the Wahl Sterling Big Mag) as if they were shears trim the top to the desired length. With the same clipper use the clipper over comb technique to blend with the #3 attachment comb into the top portion of the hair eliminating the first initial line of demarcation that was created.

7. Using your WAHL Hero trimmer create a part on the side of the head and using the corner of the blade to curve the part. Create an identical part under the first one.

8. Apply product and style as desired.

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