How-To: Olivia Munn's Undone Look

Inspiration: “We’ve talked about cutting her hair for quite some time now, but tonight we finally did it! In the end, it was about 12 inches off. To compliment this new look, we wanted a style that was cool and effortless. Her hair is quite straight naturally so we went a bit choppier with the cut and created an overall undone look.” 

  1. Apply Matrix Style Link Blowout Curvy Queen throughout damp hair. It’s great for those with naturally straight hair like Olivia’s as it helps create waves. Flip head over and rough dry to add extra volume all over and give the ends a piecey look. 
  2. Once completely dry, use a medium curling iron to create loose waves. Take small pieces, leaving out the ends, and alternate the direction of each wave – one left, one right – for a more ununiformed, beachy look.
  3. Let cool about 5 minutes then flip hair upside down again and shake out the waves. Flip back up and apply Matrix Style Link Mineral Booster to the root area for texture.
  4. Spray Matrix Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray randomly throughout the mid lengths and ends for an airy hold.
  5. To finish, sweep some hair over to create a deep side part. Lightly mist Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Replenish Oil Mist for some shine.