How-To: Section Hair with Precision and Accuracy

Have a problem sectioning hair with precision and accuracy?  Turn to Sam Villa’s Problems and Solutions - Andrew Carruthers, Education Director, has three simple tips for crafting clean strong parts quickly and easily.

“When I was an apprentice, I was forced to practice skills and drills in the back room of the salon.  And although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, it made me a much better hairdresser today,” says Carruthers.

One of the things Carruthers learned was how to section hair with precision and accuracy – it comes down to three key factors.

  1. Connecting Fingertips.  The easiest way to part hair is to connect fingertips.  Place a pointer finger on the tip of the parting tooth on the Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comband place the comb in the hair.  Place the other pointer finger where the part should go and quickly connect the two fingers.
  2. Comb Hair in the Direction of the Part.  When hair is combed in the direction of where the part will be, it allows the hair to separate quickly with less resistance.
  3. Use Both Hands for Longer Parts. When going through a large mass of hair for longer parts, place both pointer fingers on the parting tooth of the comb, rest palm on the head and use the extra support to carve a clean part.  Supporting both sides of the comb allows for a really strong clean line.

“So much of what we do is muscle memory, the more you practice, the better you will be behind the chair,” adds Carruthers.

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