How To: The Shattered Graduation By Charlie Price and Number 4 Hair Care

1>> Prep hair with Volumizing Shampoo and Volumizing Condition. Mist Super Comb Prep & Protect onto damp hair before sectioning.

2>> To section, separate hair front to back at the top of the ear and from the middle of the hairline to the middle of the nape.

3>> Section out the area for the undercut, below the occipital in the back and below the temple in the front.

4>> Use a scissor-over-comb technique for the entire undercut. Make sure there is no ledge at the top portion of the undercut.

5>> For the top portion of the cut in the back of the head, use a diagonal-back design line divided in the middle to create a V-shape in the back of the head. Instead of cutting bluntly, slash into the hair for a serrated shattered line at the perimeter. Round off the corners of the interior of the back of the haircut by using pie-shaped sections. Continue to cut a shattered line.

6>> Use a diagonal-forward design line in front of the ear. Cut the perimeter line in the same serrated or shattered way as done in the back.

7>> For the interior of the cut in front of the ear—again in the same manner as in the back—pivot around using pie-shaped sections to remove corners.

8>> After the hair is dry, use deep slices with regular shears and texturize with thinning shears to reduce bulk. Blend and diffuse
the ends.

9>> Finish the look with Styling Foam at the roots. Apply Support Solution to damp hair and blow-dry. Lock in and set style with Non Aerosol Hair Spray.


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