How-To: Sleek Chignon

Demoo Parkchoonmoo’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection goes back to basics with an abundance of structured textures, monotone geometrics, denim and white. With this in mind, Oribe Educator and lead stylist Kien Hoang created a sleek, but lived-in look for the runway. The modern chignon’s perfect middle part and slightly imperfect three-dimensional piecing in back combine to create a style that is complementary to the line’s minimalist theme.

Get the Look:

  1.  Create a perfect middle part with the tail of a comb.
  2. Spray each side with Thick Dry Finishing Spray and slick the hair down and back behind the ears into a low ponytail.
  3. Tie the ponytail with a long elastic. Do not cut the extra cord.
  4.  Spritz the ponytail with Royal Blowout and flat iron.
  5.  Split the ponytail into two sections. Tie the first section into a chignon, using the extra elastic to secure in place.
  6.  Drape the second section of the ponytail over the chignon to create a second dimension, and use the remaining elastic to tie in place.
  7. Use pins to shape the chignon.
  8. Spray Dry Texturizing Spray on top and pull out individual pieces for a lived-in look.
  9. Finish with Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray.