How-To Video: Client-Friendly Styling Techniques

Heather Kaanoi demonstrates three versatile styles with the new Neuro Halo Collection (JPMS Styling Techniques)

As a hairstylist, it's safe to assume that you've heard the phrase "I can never get it to look like this at home" more times than you can count. While clients can come to your salon for beautiful styles every so often, one of the most frequent complaints is their inability to recreate the look at home. 

In today's how-to video, Paul Mitchell's artistic director of style Heather Kaanoi demonstrates helpful styling tips using the new Neuro Halo collection of cutting-edge tools. The best part: You can pass these tips along to your clients on their next visit. 


Style One: Voluminous Blowout

  1. Prep and prime with Neuro Prime
  2. Apply Neuro Lift on top of the primed foundation for added volume. 
  3. Using the Neuro Halo Dryer and Neuro Round Brush, work the product into the hair and use the 'cool shot' button to mold the style. 

Style Two: Mid-Length Curls

  1. Section the hair at the occipital bone. 
  2. Prep with Neuro Protect
  3. When using the Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron outside of the salon, suggest that your clients use a lower heat setting. 
  4. Wrap hair flat one time around the rod and then coil the ends of the hair one to two times around. 
  5. Once desired amount of hair is curled and set, release set and gently comb through.
  6. Spray with Neuro Finish.

Style Three: Tousled Waves

  1. Prep with Neuro Protect
  2. Working with diagonal sections and the Neuro Halo 1" Styling Iron, create a soft bend and lift at the base of the hair. 
  3. Keep edges out to maintain length. 
  4. Alternate techniques for imperfect texture. 
  5. Spray with Neuro Finish.

To learn more about the new Neuro Halo collection, click here