How-To Video: Cutting Technique to Unleash Curls


Curly-haired girls have long struggled with finding hairstyles and hairstylists that suit their natural texture. Luckily, as the industry continues to progress, there is a growing sector of stylists who fully embrace the versatility of waves, kinks and curls, and they're constantly developing techniques that make the most of any style. 

Here, ECRU New York's Global Director of Education, Amanda Jenkins, demonstrates a long-layered cut that unleashes the power of a natural wave. She says clients love this approach because it maintains a weighted appearance and desired length, while simultaneously creating space for the natural texture to come alive. 


1. Take a horseshoe section and divide it into three triangular panels. The widest and the deepest are at temple area for the fringe.

2. Start layering through the back. Use razor to bring out natural texture. Comb out hair to a 90° angle and work from short to long. Over direct each section back to the previous as you travel forward.

3. When reaching the corner, direct everything straight back from that point. Be mindful of your elevation, your distribution and basic cutting fundamentals.

4. Switch to sheers for the underneath. Utilize a brick-cutting technique to maintain the overall weight and length, while releasing the texture. 

5. Prep hair with ECRU New York Curl Perfect Rejuvenating Moisture Mist and ECRU New York Curl Perfect Defining Styling Potion before moving to the fringe. These products will provide structure, moisture and definition as hair starts to air dry.

6. Switch to razor for the fringe. Use the tip of the blade to create a wide disconnected fringe. When working back with diagonal sections, take a bit more length off.

7. Diffuse for the final look.