How-To Video: Men's Feathered Fringe

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When it comes to fringe hair styles for men, there are multiple routes you can take. If your client has thick hair, you can opt for a bold, statement fringe, but if he has thinner hair, a long, feathered fringe might be your best bet for a versatile style. Better yet, incorporate a fade for added character. Below, Danny Amorim (@successaddict), GIBS Grooming Director of Education, demonstrates how to cut sweeping fringe and blend it seamlessly into a soft fade. 

Get the Look:

  • Using #2 guard, trim from nape to parietal ridge creating a line of demarcation.
  • Use clipper over comb to blend away weight line into the crown.
  • Using #1 guard, blend under temple and occipital bone. 
  • Use #0 guard on sideburn and nape for a soft transition. 
  • Use trimmers to create detailed line around the ear. 
  • Use clippers with backhand clipper-over-finger technique to achieve desired length.
  • Add texture with point cutting. 
  • For continuous texture on the crown and around the parietal ridge, use thinning shears. 
  • Use a straight razor to clean up around the ear. 
  • To style, apply GIBS Grooming Original Outlaw Hair Spackle and Brawler Bantamweight Hairspray


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