How-To Video: Twisted Upstyle

Courtesy of @theconfessionsofahairstylist

Jenny Strebe does it all—she's a mom, three-time author, hair educator and the name behind @theconfessionsofahairstylistour go-to for braid and updo inspiration. Her 438 thousand Instagram followers and 2,500+ posts surely attest to Strebe's creativity and seemingly endless collection of hair styles for all occasions. 

In this how-to, Strebe walks us through a twisted upstyle suitable for wedding, prom or everyday clients. The finished look is "fun and flirty" Strebe says. Watch below to learn more. 

Get the look: 

  • Make sure the hair has a good amount of texture before starting the braid. Add texturizing mist if necessary. 
  • Blow dry the texturizing mist in and use a curling iron for added volume and grip.
  • Working visually as opposed to methodically, pull a section from the top of the head. Twist the section, push it up and pin it into place for volume.
  • Pinch and pull the section for more volume, and then fan it out over the back of the head.
  • Working right to left, take small sections of hair. One by one, twist them away from the face and pinch and pull the hair to create a lived-in look. 
  • Loop the section and bobby pin it to the left of the original twist.
  • Repeat from the left side and take a small section of hair. Twist the section away from the face, loop the section and bobby pin it to the right side of the original twist.
  • Continue alternating sides until you reach the nape of the neck. 

About: Fusing her talent for hairdressing and devotion to education, Jenny founded a leading blog and YouTube channel, The Confessions of a Hairstylist, and carved herself a niche as the go-to for hair how-to's. Now four years on, the site has over six million views on YouTube and a combined following of 600,000 on all social media outlets.

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