How-To Video: Undercut Hair Tattoo

Believe it or not, hair art isn't only popular with men—women have put their own spin on the growing trend. Undercut hair tattoos are particularly popular with the ladies because of their ability to be easily hidden or shown off, depending on the style. In today's step-by-step, Andis’ Global Education Manager, Jessica Zeinstra (@jessicazeinstra) demonstrates a chic undercut on a long-haired model. 


  • Begin by sectioning the hair and then dampen.
  • Tip the head slightly away then use the Andis ProAlloy clipper with the blade closed and the #3 attachment comb to remove bulk.
  • When approaching the occipital bone, scoop backwards using a c-stroke motion to leave a longer length up near the parting line.
  • Once the bulk is removed, use the #2 attachment comb with a closed blade to take the area near the occipital bone slightly shorter.
  • Then remove the attachment comb and clean up the perimeter.
  • Tip the head forward and use the Andis T-Outliner trimmer to start your design on the right side, a half inch below your parting line.
  • Continue up towards the left to create a line that’s parallel to your part. Repeat this step again a half inch below your first line.
  • Move to the left side and create a small line a half inch below the parting that connects with the second of the two larger lines.
  • Repeat this step two more times, moving slightly lower on the nape with each line.
  • Clean up the perimeter.
  • Use the #2 attachment comb on the ProAlloy with a closed blade and cut up to the parting line. Then use the #1 attachment comb with an open blade and a light c-stroke motion to cut up to the occipital bone.
  • Go back using your Andis T-Outliner and define the design.
  • Once finished, style hair as desired.

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