How-To Video: The Verdi Beard

Named after famous Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi in the 19th century, it's safe to say that the Verdi-style beard is nothing new, but it is experiencing a resurgence. The evergreen style is known for its neat trim and rounded style, coupled with a head-turning handlebar mustache. Have a client looking to do something out of the ordinary? Danny Amorim (@successaddict), Andis International Educator, walks us through the steps:

Step One: Use the Andis Superliner trimmer to outline the perimeter of the haircut with just the edge of the blade. Continue to the top of the cheek and create the upper beard line.

Step Two: Use the Andis ProAlloy clipper, #2 attachment, blade closed. Remove length throughout the beard, keeping the mustache hair out of the way to maintain the length.

Step Three: Remove attachment and open the blade halfway. Use the c-stroke motion to blend through the sideburn and continue taking the length down around the entire head.

Step Four: Using the #1 attachment, blade closed, blend in a quick c-stroke motion through the bottom of the sideburn and upper beard line.

Step Five: Use the Andis Superliner to outline the perimeter under the beard, creating a curve at the outer corners. Pull the skin taught.

Step Six: Apply product through the mustache to create the curled-up handlebar shape.

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