Step-by-Step: Second Day Hair

KMS National Artist, Karen Cunningham (@_karen_cunninghamhair), created a second day hair look inspired to reflect the day after a night out. The look was created to convey the woman’s feeling of empowerment, sexiness and sense of disheveled, awkwardness. Cunningham used KMS products to bring out the sexiness and vibrancy of the model’s fierce red hair.


Step 1: To refresh the red in the model’s hair, apply 35ml SilkLift 9% lotion + 1 scoop SilkLift Control beige + 3 pumps of SilkLift Essential Tone Stabilizer.

Step 2: Finish refreshing the color by overlaying 100ml Colorance lotion + 30ml 6KR + 20ml 7KG.


Step 1: First, blow dry hair smooth with KMS THERMASHAPE Shaping Blow Dry.

Step 2: Next, separate hair into three sections to set hair using the three key setting techniques.

Step 3: Begin by spraying each section directly with KMS THERMASHAPE 2-in-1 Spray.

Step 4: Then, tie elastic cord around each section of the hair. After, wrap hair in a figure eight pattern around elastic cord and heat with a flat iron, such as the VARIS Creative Energy Smoother.

Step 5: Next, use a 1Ž4 inch marcel iron and wrap hair in figure eight motion around iron.

Step 6: Following, use a hair pin to wrap hair in a figure eight around the pin. Then, apply heat using a flat iron, such as the VARIS Creative Energy Smoother.

Step 7: Once hair has cooled, release set. Then, gently message roots and expand waves.

Step 8: After, spray hair with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hairspray to shape curls as desired.

Step 9: Finish the look of by sealing in shine, using KMS HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal.

Hair-Karen Cunningham  @_karen_cunninghamhair
MUA-Megan Wrigley   @megwriggmua
Photographer-Andrea Urbinati  @andreaurbinati
Model-Kelly Mulvihill   @kmulisakitty