The Secret to Cutting An Even, One-Length Bob

(Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation)

Cutting a blunt bob can be intimidating, but according to Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation), all it takes is a little fine-tuning and “praying to the gods." Check out the video tutorial below to learn how to perfect the look. 


1) Part the hair at the natural part, continuing down to the occipital bone. Then, part the hair horizontally starting at the occipital bone down to just below the ears.  

2) Spray the hair so that it’s evenly saturated. This is important for creating a perfectly straight line.  

3) Your client's head should be about the same height as your chest. If the chair doesn’t go that high, sit down so your eyes are more level. 

4) Use a wide-tooth comb with very little tension to create a line about a half inch below the hair line. Cut some hair to the desired length using the comb as a guide.  

5) Continue cutting freely without the comb using just the tip of the scissor. Again, make sure your eyes are level with where you’re cutting.  

6) Use the comb on the ends to over-direct backwards creating a little more weight for the front. 

7) This first cut will be used as the guide for the rest of the look, so step back and make sure everything is straight, even and at the right length.  

8) Work up to the next horizontal section which should be about a half inch thick on one side of the vertical part. Use the first cut as a guideline and the comb. Switch to the other side and continue up the head until complete. Look at the haircut from the front to make sure the lengths are even on both sides.  

9) Blow dry by wrapping the hair around the head to create a natural bend. Disregard the natural part for now.  

10) Use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair down to where it naturally falls. Spray a little hairspray to keep the hair in place. Use the tip of the scissors at a 45-degree angle to cut off the pieces that are too long. Keep working until the hair ends at a straight, sharp line.