Step-by-Step: Dimensional Blonde

Beauty transitions seasonally and as the great F. Scott Fitzgerald once declared, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Luckily, a shift in color is the perfect way to reinvent your client’s look, and you don’t have to go to great lengths to see a big change. Instead, try adding custom lowlights to your client's base to create a gorgeous, dimensional blonde.

Below, hair colorist Tiffany Burnett shares her step-by-step process for creating handcrafted dimension—perfect for carrying clients into the cool weather months ahead.

Step 1: Zone 1. Take diagonal sections and foil from the sides to the back of the head. “Make sure to alternate between and very fine weave and a slice,” Burnett says. 

Step 2: Zone 2. From the top of the head to the occipital bone, use a brick lay pattern, and foil horizontally. 

Step 3: Zone 3. Process the low lights and shampoo. Using the same low light formula, create a one-inch shadow root.

Tiffany’s Quick-Tip: “My ideal formula would be Schwarzkopf 7-0 + 7-1 + 7-4 1 to 1 with 10 Volume. I find that this formula produces the perfect, neutral tone for creating dimension.”

Step 4: Zone 4. Tone all over to make your blonde pop. 

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