Step-by-Step: Mastering Shear-Over-Comb

With the men’s grooming business on the rise, Fuel created a Men’s Sculpting Haircut class to help you master the art of shear-over-comb. Lindsey Misale, Fuel director of education, takes you through your paces.

1. Prep (dampen) hair with Fuel Cutting Mist. Part around parietal ridge in a horseshoe parting.

2. Shear-over-comb, starting at the nape. Follow the head shape, using the non-technical side of the comb.

3. Continue shear-over-comb around the head.

4. Top Section: Take a horizontal parting at the front contour line. Hold 90 degrees from the round of head and point cut to desired length, establishing your guide.

5. Continue back, using mobile horizontal partings. Hold 90 degrees square as you move. Point cut to add texture.  

6. Pull 90 degrees from horseshoe parting and point cut to blend according to head shape. Finish cut by detailing. Blow dry hair. Sprinkle Fuel Texture Powder to enhance the texture
of the cut.