How-To: Shaggy Bob

For his Spring 2016 Concept Collection, celebrity stylist Donald Scott was inspired to create three different looks with a modern twist based on the classic bob. “It’s such a classic cut and I knew that I could do something unique and unexpected,” says Scott. “I refer to it as a circle in the square, which you can see by all the variations of the basic bob, redone with various degrees of graduation, layers, texture and added dimension.” Here, he provides a step-by-step for one of the collection’s hottest looks.

1. Mist hair with DSNYC Liquid Tool Glide for ultimate slip, glide and shine.

2. Part hair down the center and begin cutting with shears to establish a one-length bob using the crown as a guide and to establish the shortest layer.

3. Work through the hair in pie-shape sections beginning at crown, moving downward with carving comb. Once you work towards your shortest layers, pivot from that point until you reach just behind the ear.

4. Take vertical sections following the natural parting and carve downward with the 100 percent side of your carving comb as you move forward.

5. Apply a few mists of Prepare, and repeat on the opposite side.

6. Dry and shape hair, adding a few mists of Prepare prior to starting bangs. With shears, cut just below the eyebrows.

7. Finish the look with the 25 percent side of your Swivel Twist Razor, taking horizontal sections from the top and surface channel halfway down the shaft for texture, volume and movement. Repeat until you get from the back of the head to the forward-facing pieces.