How-To: Sleek Ponytail

Aveda Guest Artist, Frank Rizzieri, creates a sophisticated style that’s a cinch to replicate at the TIBI Spring/Summer 2017 Show at Industria Studios. “The central theme for Spring/Summer is elevating the ordinary,” says TIBI designer Amy Smilovic. “Each piece in the collection tells a story of detail and old world craftsmanship but in a way that is functional and relevant to our present day lives.” True to the theme, a classic low ponytail was given a modern twist with the addition of belt-buckle ties that were produced for the show specifically for the hair. “New Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair helped give the look extra polish,” said Rizzieri. “Then, with a quick blast of Thickening Tonic all over, we were able to add a little grip to hold the style.”


How to Get the Look

Step 1: Apply NEW Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair to the ends of completely dry hair to instantly draw separated ends back together and help prevent new splits from forming.

Step 2: Prep hair from roots to ends with Thickening Tonic. Blow-dry in with brush.

Step 3: Depending on what flatters your features most, create either a middle or slightly off-center part.

Step 4: Gather hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with two clear elastics.

Step 5: Tease base of ponytail, then slip an accessory over the elastics, or wrap a ribbon around them making sure that one end hangs lower than the other.

Step 6: Spray Air Control™ onto a clean mini brush and use it to delicately smooth fly-aways around the hairline.