How-To: Twisted Chignon

Inspiration for the Marc Bouwer show:

"From the second I walked into Marc's studio I was obsessed with his energy. After seeing his collection and speaking to him I knew that he wanted a style that was sleek with lots of shine. Marc also had headpieces in his collection so we wanted to keep the hair up and swept back away from the face.  The fabrics, colors and textures really inspired me to create the look for the show.  Keeping the fitted silhouette of the dresses in mind I molded the hair into a low Chignon with a rope braid that sat at the nape of the neck.  I think this look really complemented Marc's designs and the models looked strong and powerful on the runway. "

  1. Section hair into four sections.
  2. Starting with the hair in the rear section, saturate the roots with ALFAPARF Froz’N Extreme Freezing Gel.  Utilizing a boar bristle brush, brush the gel to the mid shaft. 
  3.  Section the rear section into two even sections and create a rope braid using the Alfaparf Semi DiLino Illuminating Strong Mousse  to keep the ends and fly aways polished and tamed.
  4. Spray with Alfaparf Semi DiLino Illuminating Volumizing Hairspray while using a rat-tail comb to fasten the remaining flyaways.  
  5.  Continue the process in Step #2 for the two side sections while twisting and wrapping the hair around the rope braid. 
  6. Sub section the top section applying Alfaparf Froz’N Extreme Freezing Gel to the roots & Alfaparf Semi DiLino Illuminating Strong Mousse to the ends. 
  7. Utilizing a boar bristle brush again, brush the hair smooth & sleek by way of a straight back and down motion into the rope braid. 
  8.  Secure the ends with elastic. 
  9. Lastly, wrap the braid up into the nape of the head & secure w/u-pins. 
  10. After pinning  the hair & chignon with a  u-pin set pre-coat with Alfaparf Semi DiLino DIAMOND Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid.
  11. For proper finish once set, coat the hair generously once again with Alfaparf Semi DiLino DIAMOND Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid.