Step-by-Step Video: Messy Textured Pompadour

Structured, sleek and streamlined are just a few of the words that could be used to describe the classic pompadour, a '50s rockabilly style made popular by stars like Elvis Presley, James Dean and Little Richard. Decades later, different variations of the style continue to grace the hair scene. Still infused with rock 'n' roll cool, the modern pompadour has a haphazard, effortless finish that creates an extremely grungy, yet sexy feel.

In today's step-by-step, Danny Amorim (@successaddict), GIBS Grooming Educator and ANDIS International Educator, walks us through a messy, textured pompadour. Watch the process unfold below.


  1. Using #8 guard, begin at the nape working up towards the occipital bone.
  2. Use "C" stroke to blend crown into parietal ridge.
  3. Change to a #6 guard, working from the nape to the occipital bone.
  4. Utilize "C" Stroke 1/2" after step 2.
  5. Change to #4 guard, continue to blend, stopping at the occipital bone.
  6. Change to #3 guard, blend up to 1/2" under occipital bone.
  7. Change to #2 guard, focus on nape and sideburns only.
  8. Using #1 and then #0 guard, fade out sideburns for a smooth transition into beard.
  9. Use trimmer to detail around beard, ears and nape.
  10. Dampen hair and comb thoroughly.
  11. Use clippers with backhand clipper over finger technique to achieve desired length.
  12. Use point cutting for added texture.
  13. Apply GIBS Original Outlaw Hair Spackle to dry hair.
  14. Blow dry with vented brush for added volume and texture.
  15. Apply small amount of GIBS Rico Bandito Polished Pomade to detail front and sides.

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