Step-by-Step Video: Knotted Mohawk

Believe it or not, clients with long hair can experience a glam and edgy mohawk without ever getting a drastic cut. Sure, the hairstyle has been around for quite some time, but putting a new twist on the classic style makes it feel entirely new. In today's step-by-step, James Pecis (@jamespecis), Oribe Global Ambassador, transforms his model's long-hair into a fun, textured Mohawk. Watch the process unfold below:

Get the Look:

  1. Create six radial sections left to right from each ear.
  2. Use Free Styler Working Hairspray to help you brush each of these sections into separate ponytails and secure in the centre of the head, and section.
  3. Starting from the front ponytail, pump Swept Up Volume Powder Spray into the length of the ponytail and tie a series of square knots with the hair until you reach the end.
  4. Continue this method with the ponytails, using the leftover length of the previous ponytail to blend into the next ponytails section.
  5. This makes a knotted Mohawk shape.
  6. Use french pins and Free Styler Working Hairspray to finish.

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