April Kayganich Shares Curly Hair Styling Tips Using Hairstory

Hairstylist and educator April Kayganich in the Hairstory network shares invaluable tips and tricks, especially helpful for those tired of frizz, flatness, and lackluster curls or waves. Whether you have curly hair, waves, or straight locks, the below techniques are sure to revolutionize your haircare routine. 

1. Hydration is Key: April emphasizes the importance of keeping your hair hydrated, especially for those with curls. The secret? Using Hair Balm while your hair is soaking wet. This expert advice is a game-changer, as it ensures that your hair is prepped and ready to absorb moisture from hair products effectively. It's like giving your hair a warm, welcoming hug, especially for those with wavy or straight-ish hair who want to enhance their natural waves.

2. The Art of Cocktailing: If you love achieving a bouncy blowout with a voluminous finish, April has a brilliant solution. She recommends cocktailing her favorite combination of products: Dressed Up and Lift. This dynamic duo ensures that every section of your hair receives an equal amount of product, resulting in a perfectly bouncy blowout. Dressed Up protects hair from hot tools up to 450-degree and from UV rays. Lift is a heat-activated volumizing spray that provides memory to your hair, making it easy to perk up flat hair whenever you need it. Just take your hands and massage at the roots.

3. Low-Maintenance Volume and Texture: For those who prefer a more low-maintenance routine without the need for heat styling, April has you covered. She suggests starting with Hair Balm in the shower for curls or slightly damp hair for wavy types. Then, you can achieve volume and texture with Undressed, Hairstory's no-salt sea salt spray—instead ingredients like quinoa and rose water provide that volume and texture. It's a quick and easy way to achieve that effortless, beachy look. Plus, it doubles as a fantastic refresher for those days when you want to breathe new life into your locks without drying them out or leaving a residue feeling.