"Remember to Reset Standards!" Spotlight on Artist/ Influencer Roger Molina

Roger Molina is a creative force: a platform artist, Sam Villa ArTeam educator, and master stylist at Lunatic Fringe in Park City, UT (and, in a past life, a touring musician.) Most people know him through his wildly effective stop-motion viral video tutorials on Instagram. Here, he talks about how he keeps his creative juices flowing.

What inspires you?

Dreams! The first concept for viral videos came to me in a dream. I’ve had multiple dreams that had angles or concepts, not all of them are clear on exact details, just overall concepts. And I remember the feeling or message involved usually. It’s awesome. More please!

What was your biggest “aha” moment as a hairdresser? 

As a young hairdresser transitioning from the Paul Mitchell culture to Redken, it all hit me. It wasn’t just square, round and triangular (Paul Mitchell's methodology) or scooping, swelling, and straight graduation (Redken’s methodology)—it was all the truths of the world combined.

Every brand coins their unique theory, but they all bear the same truths. I use every bit of knowledge I’ve gathered from all the teachings. From Vidal, the Mascolos, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Sam Villa … all the way to the unorthodox teachings of my session influences and beyond.

It is all truth if it works for you. Don’t stick to just one; you’ll be limited by it. Embrace every bit of knowledge and reset your standard over and over.

What’s unique about your teaching style? 

You have to hit all the senses — sound, sight, imagination, physical touch. Visual and inspiring, illustrated and alive. Speak to the heart, connect and make a difference.

I also like to challenge the learner and make them think about where they are technically, spiritually and professionally. To help them find their gifts, draw them out and nurture them. To impact their life. 

What is your educational focus and advice?

My focus now is teaching the foundational structures of haircutting in video form (see here). I've been gathering a solid bank of shapes and cuts, even colors, on Instagram. I want people to have a play-by-play in their mind before they begin cutting any shape. A plan backed by flexibility and confidence.

If a cut doesn’t really click, try writing down the angles. The top, back and side view is where I start. Try to map out all over directions, sections and elevations. And after the cut, go back to your chart and write down the updates. The only way to start seeing shape this way is to practice. (See a recent class on square concave layers here.)

Can you share a moment where you knew you made an impact on a student’s learning?

I was able to teach Cut Club, the cutting program for the new stylists at Lunatic Fringe. Seeing the light come on is my thing. The content on this day was concave versus round layering—a hard-fought lesson always. After the cuts were done, there was a look of relief on all the faces. I believe this was a huge day of breakthrough for them and many wrote messages thanking me. It’s mostly the feeling that I recall: Purposed. Their understanding was my validation.

If you were stranded on a desert island (where beauty and fashion reigned supreme) what one tool you would bring?

My go-to tool would be a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer with diffuser and a natural-bristle Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush. Curly hair arsenal only, haha! And if the island had no electricity, I’d battle on with just the brush. 

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I’m also a musician. I play guitar, sing, and write songs. I’ve been in many bands; my most prominent were Noise Ratchet and Creature and The Woods — both are on Spotify and other streaming platforms. 

Book an in-salon class (hands on and demos) and/or learn more about where Molina will be teaching here.