Hot Tool Tip: Create "Raw Waves" With Flat Iron & Comb

Award-winning stylist and salon educator Roger Molina is sharing a cool way to create imprecise, organic-looking waves using a comb with a flat iron.

“Hair that’s too consistent doesn’t look cool. I like raw, natural hair with individual character," says Molina, a Sam Villa ArTeam and Master Stylist at Lunatic Fringe Salon in Park City, UT. 

"That’s why this waving technique relies on a comb and flat iron to allow you to alter hair naturally with subtle differences in the wave pattern that are strategic, yet predictable and organic,” he says.

“This technique allows you to use a comb to guide hair and navigate waves in a way which makes it easier to teach and show co-workers … and even clients,” Molina says. See his video tutorial here.

Stylist Roger Molina demonstrates the technique of creating raw waves with a flat iron and comb.

Before starting, keep this in mind:

  • Horizontal sections achieve wide and flat curl patterns for volume.
  • Diagonal back sections create dynamic movement in curls for added texture and style, and directs hair away from the face.

Straightening: Smooth hair using 1.5” sections and a Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb (maximum tension) trailed by a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron on high heat. Slowly press until silky smooth from root to ends.

Waving: Place iron at base with hand palm down. While moving the iron, close and turn up. Place tail comb parallel to iron, and apply tension while pulling in one fluid “motorcycle throttle” motion. Comb pushes to the side, finger wave style.

Continue the motion. Hand turns up, then back down, continue pushing the sections with tail comb in the desired flow direction.

“To truly master this technique, I highly recommend doing it over and over on a mannequin. It will enable you to fully explore it with confidence," he adds. "I loved discovering how to create these bespoke little pieces that move in different ways!” 

Stylist Roger Molina demonstrates the technique of creating raw waves with a flat iron and comb.

Learn more or book a class with Roger Molina and other Sam Villa ArTeam members here, and see him live at the International Beauty Show-New York here.