How To Create a Bridal Style With Ponytail Base

The goal of any bridal stylist is to create a beautiful look that will last through all the festivities, from early morning to late night. 

"We go through desperate measures sometimes, adding an excessive amount of hair pins, cans of hairspray, and praying to the hair gods for the style to hold," says bridal stylist and salon owner Anna Peters, a Sam Villa ArTeam member.

"All we really need is a very basic and strong foundation strategically placed in hair — to act not only as a 'road map' for the style, but also an anchor to hold everything together.”

The ponytail is one of four foundations Peters relies on for strength, direction and longevity. (The others are a braid, a bun, and a twist.)

“When we place anchors within a style with an end result in mind, we can easily prep for an easy transition from one look to another," Peters says. It helps gain clarity on how to build the style and provides built in support and strength for the style to last through out the day and well into the night,”

See how to transition from a ponytail to a second look by following the steps below.

Look 1 

How to create bridal hairstyles - Bridal Ponytail
  1. Divide hair into three sections: a large triangle in the front top of the head off a deep side part, a large triangle in the back nape with bottom of triangle sitting at hair line and pointing up towards top of head. Everything in between is pulled up and into a smooth high ponytail tied with a cord for maximum hold.
  2. Set two triangles on base curls — the back directed up towards the center ponytail and the front triangle set diagonally off of the side part for maximum volume. (Use a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand 1” in the Marcel setting.) Curl ponytail vertically all in the same direction.
  3. Brush through triangles with a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush, join to the center ponytail, and tie off with a cord to secure. Brush through to polish all curls. Accessorize and fluff.

Transition to a Second Look

How to create bridal hairstyles - Bridal Updo
  1. Release the cord and drop out the front and back triangles, which are already prepped with a wave pattern.
  2. Secure a ponytail at the top of bottom triangle. With front ponytail, create a swooping side-swept style to one side and wrap back and around top ponytail. Join the hair in the ponytails, and following the wave pattern, design hair to swoop back and forth across the back of head and up and around bottom ponytail.
  3. Use anchors as a foundation to pin the style in along the way and to act as a road map to where to move hair next. Volume and soft movement can be created here with strength and security, thanks to the foundation and anchors set up ahead of time.

“I encourage you to start using these foundations in your styles for longer lasting results. Your brides will be so pleased!” Peters says.

You can book a class with Anna Peters in-salon and learn mo where she will be teaching here.


Hair: Anna Peters

Makeup: Kiara Shannelle