Jimmy Butler's New Hairstyle Is a Case for Men's Hair Extensions

NBA Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler has become known for his signature cut: a skin fade with short twists, curls or locs on top. But his Instagram post this week shows a totally new look. Butler opted for dip-dyed dreds during his off season. Since he just recently had short cornrow braids, we can safely gather that he got hair extensions.

In the video, we see a stylist using Alo Wellness Shine Shampoo & Conditioner, but the rest of the details behind the transformation are a mystery (for now—paging the brilliant stylist behind the new 'do).

More men have been embracing longer looks, and in some instances opting for extensions or weaves. One of our longtime favorites David Lopez (@davidlopezzz) has been pushing to degenderize the beauty space for a while now, styling himself with long hair and makeup and sharing on Instagram (hear him talk more about that here).

Butler's choice to embrace length has caused a big reaction on social media, sparking conversations like, men should be able to wear a weave and change their hair just like women can. Not everyone loves it, but the conversation is happening—and we are here for that.

Check out Butler's transformation and the Miami Heat's reaction below.


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