Knotless Braids Are Trending And Here's Why

Consumers are searching for knotless braids alongside varying sizes and haircolors—there are 703K searches on average every month in the US for knotless braids, which has grown 27.6 percent in searches since last year, according to Spate NYC data.

Knotless braids are a form of traditional box braids, but instead of creating a knot to secure the braid to the scalp, the braid begins using the hair itself to secure the base. This form of braiding creates less tension and can be more gentle and less painful on the scalp. Related searches include terms like: medium, box [braids], small, jumbo, large, curly, color, near me, blonde, long, red, short, child, how to, and vs. 

The broad appeal of knotless braids are evident in related searches such as medium, small, jumbo, long, short, and large—indicating that consumers are looking to create knotless braids of all shapes and sizes, according to Spate NYC. Different colors such as blonde and red demonstrate the need for knotless braids to come in a variety of colors to create a cohesive look that blends with different hair colors and styles.

Keep up with the trends by ensuring your team can create the look and also carrying convenient options, like wigs in a knotless braid style.