American Salon Stories Podcast Episode 27: Keri Davis Duffy

Keri Davis-Duffy is co-owner of the award winning, San Diego based Gila Rut Salons. She is also the founder of Beauty Backbone, a new endeavor focused on helping other owners to succeed, in part, by aligning beauty and business. One of the industry's most respected business educators, Davis-Duffy connects with Gordon Miller to dig into the big ideas behind her nearly three decades of building a successful salon culture and team.  

About: Gordon is CEO at where he works with co-founders Gerard Scarpaci and Randy Taylor (along with the rest of the hairbrained team) to empower our professional community by way of inspiring content, engaging education and quality commerce. Gordon can be found online at  or as @gordnm on Instagram. In real-time, you can find Gordon at major beauty events where he often moderates best practice panels in digital and social media. Email Gordon at [email protected]