Hairbrained How-To: Scissor Positioning with Mario Mesaric of ZGAT

Creative Director Mario Mesaric demonstrates hand positioning for optimal control.

The Zagreb-based team, ZGAT, creates flawless and technically precise cuts, and they accomplish their unique, geometric aesthetic using disciplined methods. In this step-by-step video plus tutorial, Creative Director Mario Mesaric demonstrates hand positioning for optimal control. Read on to discover how you can master your shapes and lines, using this no-fuss placement technique.

Step 1: Create stability. To create the perfect, stable base, keep your first four fingers (from your pinky to pointer finger) locked in place.

Step 2: Create precise movement. Use your thumb to move the scissors, or cut the hair – keeping in mind that only your thumb should move.

Step 3: Rotate. When moving the scissors rotate 180 degrees to the right and to the left, using your pinky finger to create movement. Try not to bend your wrist, or put too much pressure on it.

Step 4: Apply light pressure. Use a light touch when moving your thumb to open and close the scissors. Excessive pressure isn’t necessary – the scissors are sharp enough to do the cutting with only the lightest touch.

When you’re developing your cutting technique, Mario recommends that you “try to learn from many different haircutters.” Techniques vary – and as you’re developing your own unique methods – it can help to observe others who have mastered their craft. “Try to adapt [different techniques] into your own work – and hopefully you will find your own style,” finishes Mario.                

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