How-To: 3 Styles That Showcase Vivid Color For Instagram

At this year’s Premiere Orlando, our Facebook Live lounge with SalonCentric got to see Pulp Riot Hair (@pulpriothair) squad members Kristina Dunn (@hairbykristinamarie) and Kayla Boyer (@kayla_boyer) show how to create three styles that show off vivid hair color perfectly for Instagram posts.

Both Pulp Riot Hair Artists were sporting the new Pulp Riot Neons, which will be coming out soon. Dunn’s hair was a mixture of Candy, Lava and Firefly colors, applied by Rickey Zito (@hairgod_zito), while Boyer’s hair, done by Ash Fortis (@xostylistxo), encompassed every shade in the new line. “We spend so many hours on these vibrant creations. You want to be able to show off all that color and dimension that you put into the hair,” says Dunn. “That’s what you get with these three styles. You’re going to be able to see all those ribbons of color running through the style.”

Prep tips:

  1. Keep it simple. To quickly create multiple styles for Instagram, only use a minimum amount of bobby pins and elastic bands. “You want to be able to pull them out quickly and start another style,” says Dunn.
  2. Get a grip. Dry shampoo is a must for these styles. “You don’t want the hair super silky,” says Dunn. “It’s easier to create these styles when there’s some grit in the hair.”
  3. Curls not required. You can give the hair a little curl at the ends for added texture, but each of these styles also looks great on straight hair.

Look 1: The Bohemian Fishtail Updo

First, section out a circular section at the top of the head. Do a quick fishtail braid just in that section. “Fishtail braids are super easy. Honestly, I find them easier to do than three-strand braids,” says Dunn. “Then I kind of pucker it out a little to widen the braid, grab an elastic and secure the braid.” Next, Dunn takes a section from the side and twists it away from the face. She pinches and pulls the twist to widen it. Then she comes in from underneath the fishtail braid, creates a hole, grabs the twist and pulls it through. “You’re almost sewing the twists through the braid,” says Dunn. Repeat the twist technique, alternating on each side. Leave some hair out on the bottom and around the face. The result: a very bohemian, super undone, fishtail updo.

Look 2: The Topsy-Turvy Side Pony

Take two large sections, one from each side, in the front of the hair. Pull both sections to one side of the head. Grab an elastic band and create a ponytail with the two sections. “I don’t know if anyone remembers the Topsy-Turvy back in the day—that was huge when I was a kid—but all you have to do is pull the tail of the pony through the hole above the elastic.” Afterward, pinch and pull the sides and repeat the first step, making another “Topsy-Turvy” ponytail. Fan the ponytail out, showing off all the color at the bottom of the hair. “I love this style for weddings. It’s very secure and looks great for bridesmaids,” says Dunn.

Look 3: The Peekaboo Side Fishtail

Take a triangular section at the top of the head, split it in half and create a fishtail.  While you’re making the fishtail, grab most of the hair from one side, and only a little hair underneath, working at an angle. It sits against the head and doesn’t even look like a fishtail, but has a cool scalloped edge. “I’m taking most of the hair from the right side, to make the braid angle to the side,” says Dunn. “Then just keep going down the side of the hair." When you reach the end on the side, secure it with an elastic band and pinch and pull the braid for added width. "If you did some peekaboo colors underneath, you would be able to show off that color because half of the hair is styled up,” says Dunn. “Always think about how you want to show off your particular color the best. You spent so much time on it.”