How-To: Apply Product Before Blow Drying

Heat Protection, you or your client may ask why this is such an important topic in today’s world of finishing the hair. And let’s just add that our techniques for finishing hair in the salon service are just as important as our haircuts! Heat protection styling products are critical! Without them, the heat from blow dryers and irons will wreak havoc on the hair resulting in depleted moisture, proteins and breakage.

The Technique of Product Application:

It really is all in the application! Applying product in tiers will result in the product layering together to achieve maximum results. Application of a product can be a contributing factor in a client’s unwillingness to use it at home. Manufacturers are listening as the approach to dispensing product from packaging is changing, making it much easier for the end user. We need to teach our clients how we apply the product to their hair so they can achieve the same results at home for a successful outcome!

Let's consider that primers help to speed up the drying process with added conditioning benefits. Styling Product of your choice is determined on the amount of control or hold factor you desire for the end result. As we desired a soft and smooth polished finish, we chose to layer satinwear 02 over pillow proof blow dry express treatment primer cream.

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