How To Master the Diamond Infinity Braid

(diamond infinity braid how-to)

Intricate-looking braids can be easy to master according to Trendafilka Kirova, the woman behind the popular Instagram page, @another_braid. In 2015, Kirova began uploading videos to YouTube after learning how to braid from other video tutorials. Fast forward today, she has 122K followers on Instagram and her step-by-step tutorials get thousands of likes. “It’s my Iove for content creation that motivates me, as well as the connection to people all over the world. I love sharing my knowledge, and I love it even more when people enjoy what I make and find it helpful,” she says.  

Here, learn how to create one of Kirova’s beautiful braid creations: the diamond infinity braid. 


  1. Start by taking two center sections of hair from the back of the head, and one strand, then section on the left will be labeled “A” and the right, "B".
  2. Take the strand and cross it under section B and then over section A. The turn the strand under section A and over section B, creating an infinity shape with the strand.
  3. Go under section B again, take a section of hair to the left of section A and add it to that section and incorporate it into the wrap with the strand. Continue this by adding hair to section A and section B.
  4. When the strand you’re wrapping looks like it’s shortening, add a small section from the outside into the strand to keep it long enough to continue wrapping.
  5. Next, instead of adding more hair, remove hair from section A and section B each time the strand wraps around. Holds the pieces being removed by big clips on each side.
  6. When there is no more hair to be released, make a few more stitches in the infinity braid using the two small sections and the strand. Tie with an elastic band and release the hair that was held up by removing the clips.