How-To Video: Barbering Freestyle Design

At this year’s Premiere Orlando, we hosted a Facebook Live lounge in partnership with SalonCentric, bringing together some of the most talented artists and influencers in the industry. In this demonstration, @BaByliss4barbers artist @Jay_Majors joined @Robtheoriginal, who showcased how to do his signature star-shaped freestyle design using BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Clipper, which has a motor designed in collaboration with Ferrari, and the Rob the Original FX Corded Trimmer with Outlining T-blade, which features an adjustable zero-gap blade for super precise, clean cuts.

@Babyliss4barbers is a movement supporting the culture of and theory of barbering throughout the U.S., and it’s spread out to Brazil and Canada,” says Majors, who fielded questions from viewers. “We want to cultivate and explore the barbering movement.”

Rob shared some of his insider secrets, such as that he always preps his canvases with a #2 guard. “It cuts hair short, but not too short, so the designs are visible,” he says. He says to create the star shape, first create an “A” and connect the remaining diagonal lines. After that, he carves out the interior of the star, and then creates a shadow of it. Finally, a few freehand swirls complete the look. This pattern not only adorns his barbershop, it also is the design for the Rob the Original Signature BaBylissPRO Blow Dryer, which is coming soon to Salon Centric.

Rob spoke about his beginnings in the industry, including how he sought out art whenever he could as a kid. “I liked watching Bob Ross painting—you know, the happy little trees,” he laughs as he talks about this early influence. “And I didn’t know English at the time, I only knew Spanish because my parents were Mexican. But I enjoyed watching his art. I still enjoy watching it.” Rob also spoke on how he grew his brand, whether he’s ever made a mistake while cutting a design, and insider tips on how to best use clippers for intricate work. Watch the video here for the whole story.