How-To Video: Edgy Tapered Cut


Although tapered cuts have always been popular, the recent resurgence of the classic style is likely due to its versatility. Men have the option of combining a tapered cut with a fade, a textured quiff or even a hard side part. Whatever their choice may be, the end result is classic, low-maintenance and sits comfortably between casual and professional. 

Because the options are endless, and every man has a different head shape and hair type, barbers have a difficult task at hand. To meet each client's individual needs, BaBylissPRO Educator Dayna Gamba (@dgcuts) stresses the importance of working with primary shapes and following the client's head shape. For example, wherever the client's head is flat or square, create roundness and vice versa. 


  • Prior to cutting, examine the base of the hair. Wet hair down and comb hair in direction of growth so that you don't mess up any cowlick.
  • Using the BaBylissPRO Volare X2 clipper with #3 guard completely closed, eliminate all of the bulk first.
  • Take the BaBylissPRO FlashFX trimmer to clean up the edges and create an outline.
  • To transition from light to dark at the nape, use small c-strokes with guard closed on the BaBylissPRO Volare X2. 
  • Move one guard down gradually as you move up towards the occipital bone. 
  • Attach .5 guard and keep completely closed to blend into the line you just created.
  • Pull the skin taught for sharp corning blending.
  • Attach #1 guard completely closed and continue blending upward. 
  • Using #2 guard completely open, begin to create roundness. 
  • Remove weight through top with clipper and comb.
  • Marry the scissored and faded sections at the back of the head for an even blend.