How-To Video: Peek-a-Boo Summer Lotus

Winter is in full swing and the weather is anything but summery, but this floral undercut has us thinking otherwise. Jessica Zeinstra (@jessicazeinstra), Andis’ global education manager, walks us through a quick and easy peek-a-boo style incorporating a lotus. Here's how: 


  1. Begin by sectioning the hair and then dampen.
  2. Tip the head slightly away and use the Andis Supra ZR Clipper and remove the bulk with the #2 blade.
  3. When approaching the occipital bone, scoop outwards in a c-stroke motion to leave more length near the parting line.
  4. Keep the head tipped forward and use the Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer to begin the design on the right side below your part line.
  5. Continue cutting toward the opposite side, creating a half-circle shape.
  6. Start your first petal at the bottom center of the nape, and curve up towards the right to meet with the arc, just above the mastoid belt.
  7. Repeat this step on the left side.
  8. Begin the second petal on the right, where the first petal meets the arc, and work in a downward curve motion, and then back up to the right parting line.
  9. Repeat this step on the other side.
  10. To create the second layer of petals, start in the center of the arc, just above the occipital bone and work in a downward curve motion to the right, stopping between the peak of the two previously cut petals.
  11. Then, curve back up to the center of the second petal.
  12. Repeat on the left side.
  13. It is best to put in your rough draft first, then go back in and define the shape.
  14. Define the perimeter lines, by removing the excess hair outside of the petals.
  15. For an ultra-smooth finish, use the Andis ProFoil Shaver and clean up the nape.
  16. Once finished, style hair as desired.