How-To Video: Short Bob on Curly Hair

Your clients may be under the impression that curly hair and short cuts don't mix, when in reality, shorter curls are fun, chic and easy to maintain. Bobs are certainly not a new hairstyle, but bringing life to naturally curly hair with the classic do is one of the latest trends. 

In this how-to video, Ruth Roche, Global Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care demonstrates how to cut a bob on short curly hair. The process is obviously different than cutting straight hair, but how? Watch the process unfold below.

Get the look:

  • Section the hair off at the recession area creating a horseshoe part.
  • Starting at the back section and cutting with a razor, cut a vertical line about halfway up the hair shaft.
  • Take steep diagonal sections while cutting to build a little bit of length and weight.
  • For dense hair, take a little weight out of the underneath section by weaving the razor in and out of the strands.
  • For the top section of hair, over direct the hair towards the back of the head for seamless blending.
  • When finished cutting, apply mousse and diffuse the hair for a natural finish.