How-To Video: Twisted Rope Updo

That feeling when a long-haired client walks into the salon for styling? Jackpot! Thank you hair-lottery gods for the endless styling options. And while beachy waves, beautiful braids, cool girl bedhead and super high ponytails are popular styles, updos take the cake as one of the most fun and versatile styling options for Rapunzel-lengths. 

In today’s how-to video, hairstylist and Aquage Platform Artist Nogodar Martinez (@nogodar) demonstrates an intricate and elegant twisted upstyle, perfect for prom and bridal clients. Watch the process unfold below. 


  • Prep the hair by styling with soft waves. 
  • Smooth the surface with the Aguage Smoothing Brush.
  • Apply a pearl-sized amount of Aguage Detailing Crème into palm and emulsify between hands before applying to the hair.
  • Run your hands through the hair with crème to eliminate flyaways, soften the wave pattern and smooth the hair’s outer surface. 
  • Using the rat tail end of the Aguage Detailing Brush, take a two-inch, slightly curved section from the part line down to the temple.
  • Split the section in two.
  • Twist both sections counterclockwise, crossing the left over the right to start a rope pattern, and ultimately a rope braid. 
  • Take another curved section from the part line and bring it behind the previously twisted rope section.
  • Spray section with Aquage Finishing Spray for extra hold.
  • Add the new section into the original section and continue roping. 
  • Continue taking slightly curved sections from the right to the left.
  • Before adding a new section, combine the previous two into one. 
  • Continue the rope pattern by crossing left over right and twisting both strands counterclockwise.
  • Keep a desired shape in mind as you perform the technique to allow you to adjust as you work. 
  • When the rope is complete, spray with Aquage Finishing Spray for control and hold.
  • Secure rope with clear elastic band. 
  • Push the entire rope up against the head shape, creating a condensed pattern and secure with bobby pins at the top, middle and nape. 
  • Lightly mist with Aquage Beyond Shine for added shine. 

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