At this past weekend’s International Beauty Show Las Vegas Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci), “the king of waves” and owner of Hair Salon M in Brooklyn, NY, stopped by to demonstrate a Mohawk, vintage-inspired updo. Watch the video below.


“It’s an easy style that you can create inside the salon without using tons of hot tools,” Avci says. In his tutorial, he stresses the importance of creating fullness, and tease-free waves for the perfect updo. For both waves and fullness, Avci manipulates the hair padding to create a bendable shapes that mold the hair’s shape and creates pathways for the hair to fall into.


Though many stylists turn to hairspray to create a strong hold for updos, Avci says a little bit of hairspray goes a long way. “When you use too much, the hair gets wet and takes longer to dry and create that beautiful hold.” Instead, Avci likes to use shine spray and dry oil, both of which create a light hold and glossy finish. He also blows on the hair after applying each product, ultimately helping the hair to settle into place.


To learn more from the “king of waves”, you can check out one of Avci’s workshops in Brooklyn, NY ( “I share all the in-depths of easy, vintage-inspired looks along with the secrets to my signature wave.”