The Most Valuable Asset to a Beauty Professional

Have you ever wondered what the true luxury is in life? It's not material possessions or extravagant experiences. It's something far more precious, irreplaceable, and universal: time.

The beauty industry has long been overworked and underpaid. Changing this standard requires a shift in our collective mindset where we honor ourselves and one another by recognizing time as our most priceless resource.

Prioritizing your time is an important first step to finding balance and growth in your life and career.

When we identify where we want to invest our time, what truly deserves our attention, and how we can maximize our time's potential, a new world of possibilities opens up.

Everyone’s Time is Precious

As a mother of three, salon owner, creative soul, hairstylist, educator, and proud member of the Sam Villa ArTeam, the concept of “time flying by” resonates deeply with me.

I was always in a hurry. After struggling for years to catch up, I couldn’t waste another moment doing things the same way. I had to learn the value of my time — how to utilize and prioritize it effectively, so there would be enough to go around. And that's when everything changed.

Anna Peters and her daughters
The author and her three daughters. (Anna Peters)

This shift in mindset helped me understand that time is also a key touch point for clients. They are more and more selective about where — and how much of — their time they are willing to spend.

Demonstrating that you value your guests’ time will build a clientele that respects you back. When I switched my pricing structure to hourly, I was able to charge my worth, have more freedom as an artist, earn more, and have a predictable income and sustainable career.

Our new structure showed our clients we understood the importance of their time by not double booking and being 100 percent transparent with them. It gave them a clear connection between the time and the money required for each service. They have the freedom to choose if it’s worth it to them. 

From there, respect and loyalty grew — as well as our clientele.

Time as a Business Asset

When you understand the value of time, you become hyper-aware of not wasting it.  You start implementing systems in your business that streamline tasks and jobs, gaining back more time so you can invest it wisely.

Whether investing it on yourself through education, or on ways to better serve those around you, each moment has the potential to fuel growth.

Salon educator Anna Peters teaching a student.
Spending time on education accelerates future earning potential. (Anna Peters)

Education not only enhances your skill set but reignites your passion, allowing you to provide better services to clients. This, in turn, further increases the value of your professional time.

Maybe time spent on your career isn’t what’s needed most. Perhaps it would be best invested in more quality moments with people you love, or a well-deserved vacation that will revitalize you!

When we value our time and manage it properly, we are better able to give back in ways we couldn’t before. Have you ever wanted to volunteer or donate financially but you couldn’t find the extra time or money? 

Time and money are interconnected. It takes time to make money, and it takes money to give our time. Understanding the true worth of time can make a key difference not only in your life, but in the lives of others.

Above all else, value your time and value your clients' time. That’s the key to transforming our industry, one meaningful interaction at a time.


Anna Peters is the owner of re:TREAT Color + Hair Design and Studio and a Sam Villa ArTeam Member. Learn more about her classes here.

Salon owner and educator Anna Peters.
(Anna Peters)