A Guide to Salon Sanitation in 2021


This blog originally appeared on solasalonstudios.com

When COVID-19 forced us all to rethink how we incorporate health and safety practices in our businesses and personal lives, Barbicide lived up to the title of the global leader of disinfection in the professional beauty industry. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Barbicide provided guidance and education to assist salons, spas and barbershops to reopen after closures and remain open safely.

Here’s a deep dive into resources are available to you from Barbicide and information on how they can help you confidently navigate 2021:

1. Barbicide Certification

Since March 1, 2020, almost 1 million beauty professionals have completed the Barbicide Certification. This certification covers the basics of infection control and is a simple, yet informative way to refresh what you learned back in school. In addition, the COVID-19 Certification launched May 1, 2020 provides necessary health and safety information and has been completed by 1.1 million beauty professionals to-date.

Stay tuned for a Barbicide Certification 2021 coming soon to barbicide.com. Not yet Barbicide Certified? Click here to get started.

2. Sola & Barbicide’s Back-to-Work Plan

Given the renewed focus on the health and public safety of beauty professionals and their clients, Sola partnered with Barbicide to create a Back-to-Work Plan that incorporates best practices according to infection control subject matter experts.

The Back-to-Work plan is a great resource to have on hand to ensure consistent safety protocols are always being followed, even after your salon has reopened.

3. Shear Haven Domestic Violence Program

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled another pandemic we were already facing - domestic violence. Knowing that beauty industry professionals are in a unique position to affect both of these public health emergencies through awareness, Barbicide took the opportunity to be a part of this important education initiative. ⁠

In an effort to bring domestic violence education and awareness to the industry, Barbicide has partnered with a Nashville-based organization and licensed stylist to offer the Shear Haven Domestic Violence Training.

Click here to take this free training and receive a personalized certificate of completion to hang by your station.

4. Safe Salon Finder

Barbicide created the Safe Salon Finder as a way to guide customers who are seeking a safe salon service near their current location.

Salons that join the Safe Salon Finder program must adhere to 20+ sanitation and safety standards and keep record of that compliance. Each participating establishment is issued a customized certificate, weekly compliance checklists and a digital credential that can be shared through social networks.These tools provide the certified establishments a way to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of their clients and employees.

Coming soon in March 2021.

5. Interview Series with Leslie Roste, BSN, RN

Join Leslie Roste, RN, BSN, Barbicide Director of Education, for a fun and informative series investigating some of the less ordinary aspects of the industry. Barbicide reached out to people and companies that uniquely impact the professional beauty industry and asked the questions that we all want to know.

Find each interview posted here.

Moving Forward

2021 feels like a fresh start, but we will hopefully carry so much of what we learned in 2020 with us for a lifetime. In the salon, that includes infection control, good communication with your clients, and compliance with state rules/guidelines. Going forward, have confidence in your skills and ability to offer a service that is as safe as possible for both you and your clients.