60% of Americans Say They're Ready for a Post-Pandemic Glow-Up

Quarantine life has allowed roots to show, makeup routines to disappear and dieting to be placed on hold—46 percent of Americans have said they've "let themselves go," according to a survey. But, new research says most people are gearing up for a post-pandemic glow-up, with two-thirds saying they want to look (64 percent) and feel (68 percent) their absolute best for when the pandemic comes to an end.

Examples of "letting themselves go" include avoiding makeup and facial grooming (46 percent) and lack of grooming themselves daily (43 percent). Weight gain was the highest cited way respondents have let themselves go (60 percent), with the average amount of weight gain being 17 lbs.

Some have already started their post-pandemic transformation. Compared to before quarantine:

• 50 percent are taking better care of their skin (with new skincare routines, adding specialty treatments, increasing frequency of treatments)

• 57 percent are taking better care of their hair

• 47 percent said they feel like they’re in a better mental and emotional space now than when the pandemic started

“As consumers are getting ready to face the post-pandemic world with a new look and mindset, wellness businesses should be prepared for the influx of interest they may receive,” said Fred Helou, CEO for Vagaro, which conducted the poll. “As restrictions lift, gyms, salons and spas should have a business plan, tools and technology in place to not only survive, but thrive in a post-pandemic world.”

*Survey respondents includes over 2,000 Americans in March 2021