3 Steps to Improve Your Salon Business After the Shutdown

Throughout this pandemic it has been readily apparent to all business owners how prepared we all were for a rainy day. A small percentage were ready for this and many were not. Now that we are here, and either already reopened or getting ready to reopen, now is a chance to hit reset on how you run your business and where you spend your time. As an owner, the most important customer you have is the business itself! 

Many salon and spa owners do not treat their business this way, and only get to business activities late at night or on a day off. Now that your business has been shut down, you have a chance to come back stronger than ever or just go back to busy-ness. To make a change for the better follow these three steps.

  1. Schedule one to three hours each day without customers. Your business needs your attention. Your team needs your attention. Give it to them. Give yourself the time during operating hours to be assessable, to troubleshoot issues and to ensure the team is following all new standards and guidelines.
  2. Schedule three to four hours a week for business analysis. Take the time to print reports, analyze sales trends and see any patterns develop that you need to have a handle on. Use this time for one-on-one meetings with team members to keep them engaged and on the right track.

  3. Overcommunicate with your team! Praise them for following all guidelines and working hard to service guests. Discipline them when needed if they do not. Share updates on progress and where you need all of them to work together to improve areas that need attention.

This is your chance to do things differently, to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. If you go back to just being busy trying to get everyone in then you’ll miss a golden opportunity to run your business in a way that frees you up to help others grow while helping yourself get more balance and time.

If you need further support on how to come back stronger than ever, I launched Operation Clean Slate. Visit my website and download 19 free templates to help you reopen.