5 Business Tips to Get Your Salon Through COVID-19

Getty Images (tracy)

Tracy Ftacek, award-winning stylist and Paul Mitchell National Educator, gives her tips for running a successful salon or chair during trying times.

1. Be social - distanced

In the past, our POS systems would allow us to capture a client’s phone number and email for appointment confirmations. Now is the time to find out their favorite social media site. This offers another opportunity to connect and communicate with them. Meet the clients on the platform they live on the most. Becoming aware of their patterns allows you to tailor your conversations to areas they are interested in.

This then allows you to show them you are listening through targeted posting schedules. By capitalizing on Instagram interactions, I have been able to retail products and tools to current clients as well as friends and followers across the country.

2. You can sit with us

Create a fee-based membership program. Once subscribed they will receive exclusive access to video tutorials, retail specials and service promotions. Offering a three-tiered program allows them to choose their level of engagement with you.

Monitor the clients closely that are purchasing your highest tier. It is a great indicator they would like to have a rich engagement with your company and brand. They are literally investing in you! The first year I opened my salon I offered a $10 per month membership program. Within one year the memberships alone paid to cover the cost of my monthly studio lease.

3. Gather is not just for Thanksgiving

During our previous close down there was a consistent concern voiced by your clients. What were they missing or asking for assistance from you? There is always a pattern to be recognized and acted upon thoughtfully. Create a subscription box program based around the patterns you have discovered. Through my mobile company, Pretty Convenient app, I researched the most requested services and built and launched a subscription box company around these with sales-driving our profitability.

Are you an extensions specialist? Create a go-to box for extensions, containing extensions, maintenance product recommendations like dry shampoo & dry conditioner, a detailed care card and a QR code for a social distancing appointment if they are not available to come in for a removal process.

4. Name-dropping is encouraged!

Twenty percent of our clients provide 80 percent of our sales. These are the individuals who receive the highest volume of services, purchase the products you recommend and refer their friends to your business. Ask them to share all of the amazing memberships, subscription boxes, and social media channels with their circle of friends and audience.

Provide them with a small discount, membership upgrade or subscription box promotion with each new client that enrolls in your membership program or subscription box sales. One of our clients was so zealous to share with us that she had referred 18 new clients to our membership program!

5. Thank you for being a friend

We have the ability to create beautiful connections with our clients. The time is now, to use that skillset with our banks, accountants and attorneys. They are receiving the latest information on grants as well as on loans and benefit programs to help assist you if the flow of your business changes. This is the very first advice I provide to the professionals I work within my webinars and coaching programs.

When the first round of government and small business loans came out my banker contacted me with the news before it was shared on the local news. This was directly a result of making my presence known and taking an extra moment to call or walking into the bank versus using their online Q&A. 

Tracy Ftacek