How Salons Are Handling Reopening: The Midwest

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BOSS HAIR GROUP, Chicago, Illinois

Close Date: March 14, a week prior to the start of Illinois’ shelter-in-place order. 

Reopen Date: June 2

Did you offer virtual consultations/at-home color kits while closed? We went back and forth on this one, and after consulting with our attorney we opted not to sell any at-home color kits. We were somewhat relieved because doing so can possibly open up a can of worms in the future with clients wanting a “quick fix” if they can’t get in with you. We don’t necessarily agree with selling professional products to consumers. This was a very controversial topic amongst stylists in our industry, and we can’t knock the hustle of those who did. 


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Preparation process: The staff have taken both Barbicide certification quizzes on proper sanitation measures to ensure the safety of each employee and our clients. We are also allowing 15-minute gaps after each appointment to properly clean and disinfect their area and tools. Masks will be mandatory, and we have also purchased sneeze guards for the front desk and face shields, should employees choose to wear them. We’re also offering masks and gloves to clients. We've been keeping clients up to date with changes through email, social media and texting. Now is a good time to hit the reset button and make changes to your salon policies if you’ve been wavering on anything. Since our cost of doing business by supplying PPE and additional cleaning supplies has increased, we will be adding a CSS (Covid Sanitation Service) fee to each ticket. 

Reopening plan: We are splitting our salon into two teams. Since we are departmentalized, we will have stylists working Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Colorists will work Wednesdays, Fridays, and alternate weekend days. Each team will also have a designated assistant. This plan will help minimize the amount of people in the salon at any given time. We will also be allowing only one service per guest. Since color and haircuts will take place on different days, there is no room for overlap or keeping guests there longer than need be. We will not be offering blow-dries to color clients and we will be temporarily suspending our self-blow-dry bar until further notice.


ART + SCIENCE, Chicago, Illinois

Close Date: March 16

Reopen Date: June 15

Did you offer virtual consultations/at-home color kits while closed? We haven’t offered at-home color kits. We have been selling many temporary color sprays and powders from Color Wow, Oribe and Bumble & bumble. We also can’t keep the Revlon Professional Nutri Color Conditioners on our shelves. Our colorists have been personally consulting with our clients to make sure they have purchased the perfect shade.

Preparation process: We have had daily meetings to make sure we are doing everything possible to make sure we were prepared to open. This has included applying for PPP, professionally sterilizing all four salon locations, ordering every piece of PPE, and most importantly communicating with our clients and staff weekly.

Reopening plan: It has been a challenge navigating the various requirements and restrictions for salons as different states begin to reopen. We are placing health and safety for our staff and our clients as our top priority at all times by taking extra measures beyond state guidelines where we deem appropriate. We will be living by the mantra, "Customer Service = Customer Health" for the foreseeable future and are excited share this plan with our clients.