Professional Beauty Association Shares 8 Tips to Keep Business Booming

Salon owner tips
photo via Getty Images

Although all 50 states have started reopening in some capacity, many are still in their early phases. Places like New York and New Jersey have yet to discuss when salons can resume business, and others, like California and Washington, are only allowing regional openings—meaning some salons are allowed to open while others must remain closed depending on their location. 

The Professional Beauty Association is dedicated to helping you through these uncertain times. Here, find 9 tips for ways to keep your business going no matter what phase you're in. 

1. Talk with your clients. First and foremost, be proactive! Talk with your clients about the situation and understand what they're comfortable with. Make sure they understand that if they're not feeling well, it's best for everyone to skip services. While this may seem counter-productive, your clients will appreciate your understanding and continue to rely on you long after this is over. 


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2. Stay on top of social media. You may not have as many new photos/looks to showcase, but don't let that kill your social media. Use old photos to keep your accounts active. 

3. Be flexible with scheduling. Everyone is being thrown for a loop! Be more flexible with scheduling by waiving cancellation/rescheduling fees and working at times you normally wouldn't. This will not only allow you more appointments, but your clients will appreciate your flexibility long after this ends. 

4. Expand your services by up-selling. Highlight specific services that you think your clients could benefit from. Or, up-sell products that will be beneficial to their daily routine.

5. Everyone loves references. Offer referral bonuses to your clients. Ask them to refer friends your way for anything—trim, color, styling. As a hairstylist, refer your makeup artist friends to clients with upcoming special events and vice versa. 

6. Gift certificates. Encourage clients to buy gift certificates now for future visits. Offer to mail them as an added services. 

7. Offer curbside product. If your salon isn't open yet, you can still help your clients care for their hair. Offer care and styling products for curbside pickup. 

8. Extra supplies? If you happen to have extra supplies, help local hospitals and donate your extra masks and gloves.