Salon Survey Results: How COVID-19 Is Affecting Businesses

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We recently asked the salon community to complete a survey to give a snapshot of the state of the industry during the pandemic. Questions ranged from how easy it was to secure PPP loans and protective gear to whether your salon is open, temporarily closed, or closed for good to which types of new precautions are in place. Here are the results:


When do you plan to reopen?

We opened already: 22.56%

Wait approximately a week to see how others fare: 28.26%

N/A: 20.92%

Wait even longer until we feel it is safe: 16.32%

No plans to reopen in the immediate future: 10.62%

We have no plans to reopen as a salon: .77%

We have sadly closed for good: .55%


Which precautions are you conducting?

Staff wearing PPE: 91.46%

Additional staff sanitation training: 71.74%

Taking customers' temperatures: 57.72%

Modifying salon hours: 61.88%

Contactless payment options: 49.40%

Removing stations to allow more space between staff and guests: 41.62%

Renovating the salon (i.e. installing new HVAC system, adding screens between stations): 21.36%


Have you been able to secure financing via PPP loans?

We were able to secure our PPP loan: 30.45%

We have to plans to apply for the loan: 27.16%

N/A: 18.51%

We have applied but still waiting: 17.96%

We have not applied but plan to: 5.91%


Have you been able to secure PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Yes, with difficulty: 46.88%

Yes, easily: 35.05%

No, I cannot access any: 8.87%

I have not tried to secure PPE: 8.11%

Other: 4.71% (Already had PPE; Government supplied PPE; Able to secure some but not all PPE; Waiting on orders to arrive)


*Percentages reflective of 913 respondents 

Responses collected 5/5/20 - 5/13/20