Tried-and-True Tips for Reopening Your Salon After Shutdown

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As exciting as it is to reopen, it's no secret that life inside the salon will look (and feel) different in our post-COVID world. But, as we've said from the beginning—you're not in this alone. The best thing we can do right now is to share and learn from one another in our community to help each other get back to business as strong as possible. 

From mask comfort to client connection, check out these tried-and-true tips that Sola pros shared for a successful reopening. 

Comfort 101 

“Definitely try different masks out to see which one works best for you. Wear it at home or out for a couple of hours at a time before wearing it behind the chair. If you wear glasses, anti-fog spray helps A LOT!” —@thecolorlab_studio3

"Bring snacks and water! Take mini-breaks from your mask!" —@thehungryhairdresser

“Balayage plastic wrap works great for covering the ear loops on masks to protect from hair color and shampoos! While your client processes, go outside take your mask off for a breath of fresh air!" —@ashleywhitestudio

“Don't let others pressure you into doing something you're not comfortable with. We're in this together, you're not alone. If they don't want to wear a mask or sanitize their hands for you, you shouldn't have to do their hair. It's ok to turn away clients especially those that don't appreciate you. Your health and sanity are more important than their hair!” —@shearartistrybythai

Be Wise...Sanitize 

“Sanitation checklist between clients! It may seem straightforward, but when there’s so much to do it’s best to hold yourself accountable with a list!” —@goldnbraidsalon

“Use the Germ Guardian Hepa filter/UV-C air purifier to help purify and disinfect the particulate matter in the air of your studio. Every little bit helps! (This was actually recommended by my doctor, but I thought it was a great tip!)” —@tovanihair

Stay Connected 

“The best tip for reopening during these unprecedented times is personally reaching out by calling and/or texting. It has has helped tremendously!”  —@behindthehairandbodystudio

“Communication with your clients is so so important, keeping them updated and informed of your cities and salon policies so they know what to expect.” —

“Check in on your fellow stylists. Nothing is better than that feeling of a community after having isolation.” —@khristine.vanhorn

Take Care of YOU! 

“Don't overwork yourself! It's better to go slow and steady than burn yourself.” — 

“I know you're ready to be back in the studio and your guests are ready to see you but don't exhaust all of your energy in week one. You'll have nothing left to give if you don't take care of yourself!" —@hairbytracib

“Remember that your clients love you and they are so happy to see you! So the extra steps you take, the extra work you do to keep yourself and your clients safe, they appreciate it! So take your time, do what you need to do, and don’t stress...You got this!” —@artist_erinlaw