What One Stylist Is Doing to Create Business During Salon Closures

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In light of the current pandemic, salons across the country are closing at a rapid pace. While owners decided to close up their shops themselves, others are now being forced to do so by their local governments. Shelley Gregory, a stylist at Atelier Salon in Las Vegas, was feeling a small amount of guilt amidst the sudden changes. "I personally stopped taking clients earlier in the week to quarantine and flatten the curve," Gregory says. "I actually had clients still texting me to try and get an appointment, but I know it's best to stay away from people for a period of time." 

As a result, Gregory figured out a way she could still help her clients—even from a distance—while also generating a small amount of income for herself. She sent out a text to clients that had appointments scheduled for a base retouch. "Clients with highlights will have to wait until we reopen, but it will be good to give their hair a break," she says. "The text simply said that I wanted to help get them through this tough time and maintain their retouch schedule, so I let them know I will be offering a drop-off color kit service," Gregory adds. 

If they are interested, she then sends a text explaining further details like how she will mix the formula, how it will be delivered and how she'll accept payment—either through Apple Pay or Venmo. "I don’t want clients to feel like they have to do this at this time since so many of them are also facing money challenges," Gregory says. Rather, it's an optional service for the clients who want or need a little color refresh during their time at home. 


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Along with the at-home color kit (a bowl with pre-mixed color inside, a tinting brush and gloves), Gregory plans to record a short video on how to apply the color along with step-by-step instructions that include timing, etc. It's also crucial to schedule a drop-off time when the client is ready to apply because the color will oxidize as it's exposed to air.

"I am confident that the thorough instructions I am sending (and not having them mix it themselves) will be enough to prove they shouldn’t do this all on their own after the quarantine is over," Gregory adds. "But, if this is something they want to do while they get their feet back on the ground, I’m okay with that. I am charging 20 percent less then I charge in salon since I am not applying or rinsing/blow-drying."